March 4, 2013

Being an animation nerd I try and follow as many creators and makers on twitter as possible.  A couple weeks back, The Amazing World of Gumball creator Ben Bocquelet tweeted they were looking for a new character designer to work at their London location.  Having a job and family in Chicago, there is no way I’m going to London, but was curious as to what they were looking for in a character designer.  I sent my portfolio anyways and they passed along a test for me to do.  I did it, just to see if I have the chops to work as a character designer on a televised production.  Here is what they sent:

The production bible

5 Environments

Model sheets for characters Gumball and Darwin

A list of things to complete

The list was to create these things and put them on the backgrounds:

- One photorealistic cockroach

- One series of of 3 mythical creatures in the style of Genevieve Gauckler

- 3 non-human characters of your choice with different styles

 - One special pose of Gumball and Darwin using the thumbnail provided

The last one was the one I had the most trouble with.  Take a look at that thumbnail.  What in the world is happening here?  It looks like Gumball is in Darwins mouth, but is standing up, so his body is sticking out somewhere?  I don’t know, but I did the best I could with that one.  That was probably the challenge they were looking for, to see if you could problem solve that one.  

Sent along and hoping for some feedback!

All environments and The Amazing World of Gumball are property of Cartoon Network.  All other artwork by me.

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    Amazing, well done Sir! Good luck! I wish I saw this, would’ve loved to enter too. Look forward to hearing the results…
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